Sole Sox

Science tells us that barefoot is best, especially for our tiniest explorers. But what happens when the weather is cold, the ground is wet, and the terrain is unsafe?
Socks with a sole, or shoes with a them what you will. But here’s the thing...they can be pulled on like a sock, with the safety and coziness of a shoe.
Imagine feeling the earth like you’re naked, but with the security of...well....NOT being naked!
Brilliant for development, even better for peace of mind.

And guess what?
They fit PERFECTLY inside the enclosed feet of our Mini Adventurer overalls.
* Scientifically proven to aid development in balance and gross motor skills
* Machine wash in your regular load, as often as you like
* Made with Combed Cotton and a TPR rubber sole
* Soft, sustainable, anti-bacterial and breathable.
* Bubble toe for wiggle freedom
* Super flexible, anti-slip sole for barefoot simulation
* Made from tested non-toxic food grade rubber... just in case your baby wants a bite! 
* Removable insoles included