It's no mean feat keeping kids comfortable in the great outdoors, but guess what? We've got you covered. Thermals are worth their weight in gold, seriously.

Warm when the weather is cool, and cool when it heats up. 

Happy kids, better fun, more smiles, bigger adventures.

They really are the magic ingredient. 

Care instructions:

You can wear Merino for days on end without smelling. (Seriously, arctic fishermen wear it for months).

That said, it'll still need washing, but thankfully they are machine washable.

Cold wash.

If it’s needing a bit more of a clean - the max temperature is 50oC.

Do not tumble dry! Air dry ONLY

You can iron it, but on LOW. 

(And only iron if you really need to).

Then hang to air dry. 

Easy Peasy.